Our spray booths for the automotive market have been designed to provide you the best delivery concerning return and productivity, without forgetting the highest finishing quality.

Hidra spray booths are designed and produced integrally in our facility based in La Coruña, in Spain and are the result of many years of experience in the sector.

The main characteristics of our spray booths are

INVERTER system, with automatic pressure adjustment available

Possible to choose the best combustible: diesel, gas, direct flame burner, electrical resistances, hot water, endothermic panels…

Different floor system depending on your circumstances : civil Works in several versions, internal ramp, pneumatical, outside…

Recycling damper for drying phase for maximum consumption reduction

Personalized control panels : standard, touch screen, automate with pre-programmed working phases…

Bottom lighting in side panels or in corners.

Car Lift available for floor incorporation

Different airflows and motor power depending on spray booth size.

Safety locks in doors

Electronic starters or LED lighting