Industrial Paint Booths

At Cabines Hydra, we manufacture a wide range of booths-oven for all types of industrial vehicles, trucks, buses, public works machinery, etc.



Our paint booths are manufactured in different sizes and options depending on the stream, as the different air flows, depending on the possibility of placing of extraction or supply groups anywhere in the booth.

Our technical group will help you to determine which installation that best fits your needs, according with the weights and dimensions of parts to be painted, as well as the available space for the location of the paint booth.

Our paint booths are designed to get the best finishes, ensuring at all times a great working environment.



We have several options such as:

  1. "Reverse system", with frequency variation in both groups of contribution as extraction, as required.
  2. Booths with pressure and humidity control.
  3. Screen touch with PLC automatically incorporating the stages of work.
  4. Possibility of splitting the booth into two working areas with independent workflows, using a motorized curtain with sectioned moving blades.
  5. Platforms to facilitate the work of the painter.






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